The Classic Look of Marble in the Kitchen: Is it Authentic and Tasteful?
Posted by granitecountertops, 04/03/2018 6:22 am

Homes are a domain to go crazy. This could mean pink walls. It could mean a kitchen plastered with the finest high-end luxuries or a living room covered in media entertainment of obscure 90’s horror movies. It is a place to make of it what one will, and that could mean virtually everything. A staple of home decorating and renovating is in the kitchen. If often comes down to two key pieces. These are the cabinets and the countertops.

In a classic sense, kitchens would be filled with massive cabinet spaces along every space. The cabinets are accommodated with matching kitchen countertops with sprawling natural looks. The two go together wonderfully, and they make up some of the purest and most captivating kitchen design set-ups.

The Changing Trends

In recent years, a trend towards the minimal has popped up. Kitchen counters have gotten more rustic and more quaint. Cabinets are gutted for open shelves. The priority is to make the kitchen space open, light, welcoming and airy.

This trend may be reversing once again. The captivating pull of natural stone has bubbled to the surface. But, it has never really gone away. People want a kitchen with a powerful image and classic iconography. Natural stone supplies this in spades.


Marble is just spectacular. The two most popular marble stone types are Afyon Black Marble to Kale Sugar, but many others are just as viable. The latter is a sparkling white with thin gold lines permeating through it. There are at least five major marble types. All of them are available with the right source. They stock slabs of marble to be seamlessly integrated into the home.

The Beauty of Nature, into the Home

Natural stone is gorgeous. It retains a sense of nature right in the home. The stone can be authentic as well as tasteful. Homeowners are still falling back on the wonder and magic of Granite Countertops, as well as marble.

For some, marble or granite may be a gaudy reminder of a classic look that goes against minimalism. For many others, the sheer beauty, natural resonance, and simple durability keep granite and marble at the forefront. The design is classic, iconic, and resonant. The styles range from dark and moody to breezy and light. Find a color and design selection that fits the tone of the entire space. Marble and granite aren't just one thing. They encompass many styles to offer a unique and classy look of perfection.

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